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Unisex Accessible Toilet & Shower Signs

Braille Translation: Unisex Accessible Toilet & Shower
Fitted with Double Sided Tape.
Size: 235 x 180 x 3mm
Compliant with Australian Standards (AS1428.1 & D3.6).
Easy to install and very cost effective.
Substrates available: Blue, black and silver acrylic, or Anodised aluminium.

Unisex Accessible Toilet & Shower blue acrylic braille and tactile sign

Blue acrylic $60
Product code: CAFE7C3D-5FE6-C64D-8C94-C076CCF5
Unisex Accessible Toilet & Shower silver acrylic braille and tactile sign

Silver acrylic $60
Product code: 2E44466F-9254-1148-BC33-CB0217AA
Unisex Accessible Toilet & Shower black acrylic braille and tactile sign

Black acrylic $60
Product code: 610FE99D-9C59-6F46-A508-DE3F7776
Unisex Accessible Toilet & Shower anodised aluminium braille and tactile sign

Anodised Alum $120
Product code: AD209B5F-1D4F-6B49-BF27-C118F685

Unisex Accessible Toilet & Shower Sign Compliance

Each Sign in the series complies with The BCA (Section D3.6), Design for Access and Mobility (AS1428.1-2011) and Public Information Symbol Signs (AS2899.1-1986) Also compliant with all aspects of the ADA Standards.

Accessible symbol and all blue signs are White on Ultramarine Blue as described in AS 2700 colour B21 Ultra Marine. Blue, Black and Silver signs are made from heavy duty 3mm acrylic and 1.6 mm clear anodised aluminium

All Signs in the catalogue are manufactured in Australia by Braille and Tactile Signs Australia, a registered business name with ASIC and a division of Bathurst Signs & Screen Printing ABN 47 052 311 305.